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31 Color Guard Questions

  1. Name: Jordyn
  2. Guard(s): Shawnee High School 
  3. Equipment handled: 6 ft. flag, swing flags, rifle, reflective pole:)
  4. Years in guard: Beginning my 3rd year
  5. Have you mastered the art of putting on makeup on a bumpy bus ride?: Yes and also fixing my hair while my friend holds a mirror
  6. Do you walk around 24/7 with a “Hey, I’m happy to be here” cheesy grin?: To be honest, yes. I love Guard so much!
  7. Can you make up a guard show to ANY random song that comes on the radio?: I’ve been trying to but I’m not the best at it
  8. Have you become immune to the pain of a rifle/sabre?: No and No
  9. Are the muscles in your wrists, arms, legs, and forearms big: They are huge!
  10. Do write your own choreography in the middle of your dining room with no music?: I spin around my house doing our show without a flag while humming the show music
  11. When you run or jog do you find your self subconsiously jazz running?: Yes….
  12. Are you accustomed to waking up everyday with sore muscles?: Wait people wake up and their muscles AREN’T sore?!?
  13. List ALL your guard related injuries?: Second degree burns on bottom of my feet, popped blood vessels, swollen wrists and ankles, nearly broken nose, several bruises of all sizes and colors. 
  14. Do you write your own choreography?: No
  15. Do you critique others choreography?: Yes 
  16. Do you complain when your drill design is too easy?: Now that I’m captain yes I do
  17. Do you have all of the stretches know to man/woman and can can you perform them properly?: Probably
  18. Can you re-tape (or tape) a rifle or sabre or flag in under 5 min?: Never re-taped a rifle or saber
  19. How many bruises do you have at the moment from guard?: Oh I would say 5 or 6
  20. Do you have the years averaged for how many more years you can audition for a guard/drum corp?: Yes
  21. Do you (Have you ever) designed your own flags for no reason what-so-ever except personal satisfaction?: Yes and they were pretty awesome:)
  22. Have you ever danced to a song an realized your moves have come from past choreography?: Yup.
  23. Does your rifle/sabre/flag have a name?: No… I should name my flag! 
  24. If so, what is it?: I’m going to name my flag Becky:)
  25. Do you get upset when someone picks up your equipment…and drops it!?: YES!!!
  26. Have you ever had a conversation with your equipment?: More times than I could count…..
  27. Have you ever kissed your butt? (rifle butt that is): Does the butt hitting you in the mouth count?
  28. Do you find yourself at practice just “playing” and realized you were doing past years work?: ALL THE TIME
  29. The one song you WISH and PRAY you could do as a guard show?: Something modern so we could put our own twist on it
  30. When you ‘grow up’ do you want to instruct colorguard/winterguards?: Maybe if I get better
  31. Do you have any pre-show rituals?: We circle up and cross our arms right over left and hold hands while our instructor gives us a pep talk and the captains talk. Then we do our various chants:) 
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